Sunday, August 1, 2010

SNI...Sunday Night Insomnia

Why? It seems that Sunday nights are the absolute worst nights for sleeping...ever. It seems that the older I get, the worse it gets. Mom tells me my job is too stressful. Truth be told I love what I's the management that sets my hair on fire.

I get lots of good feedback from my customers, and when I'm teaching a class, my students leave positive feedback there too. All the feedback given to me is positive, upbeat and usually unsolicited. I have a lot of deliverable's for year end, but I know I can deliver those.

I had a dream last night Darian was really mad at me....Apparently, I was supposed to log into iPass to get her schedule for her first day of school. I had no idea and she went to school and discovered that she did know where to go for her classes. I was so disturbed by this dream, I went to iPass today to make sure her schedule wasn't posted.

I watched Terminator Salvation on Saturday night when I went to bed... :) It was after 2 when it ended and I conked right out after it was done. Looking forward to the season 2 release of Sons of Anarchy on DVD...Season 3 starts September 7. That's the only real TV show I watch. I am hoping that another Master & Commander movie will be made. I would love to see that in IMAX.

Here is a picture of a card I made recently...The stamps were from Our Daily Bread, the background was distress ink, a mini mister and glossy paper.  Off to try and get some shut eye now (after I set up the coffee maker for the morning).

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