Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another weekend comes to a close...

Have you ever thought what is really important in life?  Is it the "simple" things?  Why is it that some of us travel through this life, going full speed ahead?  Do they really see anything important happening around them?  Sometimes I stop to look at a most beautiful sunset...or I'm late for work because I want to have a few more minutes of hugging my 8 year may not be important to anyone else, but it means so much to me when she tells me "I love you more" when I'm heading off to work.  I try to teach my kids that it's OK to watch a sun set, or to stop and smell a flower or two.  It may help when they grow up and need a moment of reflection. 

I hope they can Enjoy the Journey...

I need to make a card for my SIL...her dog passed away.  Her life has been a series of tragic tribulations..It makes me wonder why God puts so much on a few chosen people.  I know He tested Abraham's faith, but why? and for what purpose?    There I go again, trying to see life's whole parade, through my knot hole in the fence.

I'll post the card when it's done.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SNI...Sunday Night Insomnia

Why? It seems that Sunday nights are the absolute worst nights for sleeping...ever. It seems that the older I get, the worse it gets. Mom tells me my job is too stressful. Truth be told I love what I's the management that sets my hair on fire.

I get lots of good feedback from my customers, and when I'm teaching a class, my students leave positive feedback there too. All the feedback given to me is positive, upbeat and usually unsolicited. I have a lot of deliverable's for year end, but I know I can deliver those.

I had a dream last night Darian was really mad at me....Apparently, I was supposed to log into iPass to get her schedule for her first day of school. I had no idea and she went to school and discovered that she did know where to go for her classes. I was so disturbed by this dream, I went to iPass today to make sure her schedule wasn't posted.

I watched Terminator Salvation on Saturday night when I went to bed... :) It was after 2 when it ended and I conked right out after it was done. Looking forward to the season 2 release of Sons of Anarchy on DVD...Season 3 starts September 7. That's the only real TV show I watch. I am hoping that another Master & Commander movie will be made. I would love to see that in IMAX.

Here is a picture of a card I made recently...The stamps were from Our Daily Bread, the background was distress ink, a mini mister and glossy paper.  Off to try and get some shut eye now (after I set up the coffee maker for the morning).